Color Collaboration: Online Exhibition March 15-April 30, 2020

Ellen Bakker

The work of Ellen Bakker (The Netherlands) finds its origins in her many years of experience as a graphic designer. Her designs are characterized by a combination of graphic patterns, transparency and special color combinations.  Ellen thinks in colors and shapes, which she translates into hand-painted or digital designs on silk and many other types of fabric.

 Ellen’s approach to silk painting is original and unique. Elements from the seasons, joy and sorrow, memories and expectations, form the melting pot from which the colors, patterns and movements in her work arise.  Ellen works with both powerful gestures on the stretched silk and often tender brush strokes, which hardly touch the silk. Harmonious, but sometimes apparently incompatible colors come to life together. Her work is motion captured in still image.

 Ellen’s colorful scarves form the cornerstone of a wide range of fabrics with numerous applications.  She also enhances these fabrics by felting the silk with soft Merino wool, creating textiles suitable for scarves, shawls and fabrics for clothing, and for interior use,  

During the workshops that Ellen presents worldwide, she shares with her students her enthusiasm and knowledge for design, colour work and silk painting.